Member Providers

Preferred Provider, Member First and Members Choice Providers:

You may notice that not all of our physiotherapists are listed as the above provider type with private health funds such as Medibank Private and BUPA.

Why is this?

Before we answer this let us first outline what a preferred provider is:

A preferred/member provider is a clinician, in our case a physiotherapist, who enters a commercial agreement with the private health fund, particularly in respect to what fees they will charge for their consultations. In essence the physiotherapist agrees for the health fund to dictate what fees the physiotherapist charges for their services. The physiotherapist has no input into the decision making.

Given this we allow our physiotherapists to choose if they wish to be a preferred provider, or set their own fees.

What is important to know is that the preferred provider agreement is purely a commercial agreement. Being a preferred provider, or not, has nothing to do with the capabilities, experience, clinical capability or qualifications of the physiotherapist.

Our current preferred provider physiotherapists for BUPA and Medibank Private are:

Please contact our front desk if you require more information.