Core Stability for Back Pain

One of the most common statements heard in the health community and general public is that if you have a “bad back” that you need to improve your “Core Strength/Stability”…… other words your abdominal and back muscle strength.

Guess what……not everyone with back pain needs to improve their Core Strength! Research into back pain has shown that some people have “core muscles” that become overactive, in other words too tense/tight. People in this situation need to learn how to relax their abdominal and back muscles.

So if you have a painful back, and have been doing Pilates or an exercise regime for your “Core Strength” and it is not helping, or making you worse, we would suggest you check in with one of our qualified staff who can help you.

For those wanting more information regarding the research relating to this topic we would suggest you check out the post by one of our Clinical Directors, Mark Gibson, over at his blog.

Thanks for reading.